Hello friends, welcome to the tricky but amazing world of Imports from China and consider my website a means to sort out your queries. I am Clark Irish,

living in Winter Haven,Florida and born on 13 – 08 -1977. I am surely not at the early stages of this business and my efforts have paid off.
Being an established business owner, I am dealing with Chinese products for a decade. I know how much daunting it is to find genuine suppliers in China and make profits out of Imports from China. Yes, with many online sources cropping up, you can now certainly gain deep information about China imports with just few clicks on your computer screen.

At your own level, you need to follow a highly selective approach and our website will cut down your task of going through numerous resources.

My Journey
It took me 5 years after my college to get into Import business. Fortunately I selected China suppliers at first go and was able to meet some nice persons. These suppliers really guided me about the products that could really sell easily on my location. I was bit worried about profits but low price and nice quality products helped me to create a nice bank balance in pretty short time.
With my website, you will surely understand the complex and easy aspects of these imports. Just make you continue to follow the source for a long time as I will continue to add useful information from time to time.